TotaalVERS Webshop

We designed a brand new webshop for TotaalVERS, a regional supplier of produce and groceries.

When TotaalVERS outgrew their previous webshop, they wanted a new, custom solution. We helped them by designing and building a brand new e-commerce platform.

TotaalVERS has a variety of customers, including many in healthcare and hospitality. The webshop is the main method of accepting new orders. Many businesses and individuals rely on it for their daily shop. It is the beating heart of the organisation.

We have worked on this project with continuous improvements over several years. It is deeply integrated into Reflex 3000. For individual customers we have created OCI integrations with external ordering systems.

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Our role

  • Concept design
  • Responsive front-end & UX
  • Software development
  • Hosting & management
  • Reflex 3000 integration
  • OCI integrations
TotaalVERS Webshop